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Lawsuits and Leather by Vivian Mae

Be a good girl for me and share

//Be a good girl for me and share//

Alejandro, Lawsuits and Leather

Slow burn romance that could kill the readers with anticipation. And the title is so damn perfect. L&L is a real page turner. Like once I started reading it, I was like when will I go home and read my book again. Pure torture I’m telling you

Okay so to be honest I didn’t like how Gemma always underestimated herself however later on there was very good character development that you end up liking her. As I came to know more about her story I realised that nobody likes decreasing their self worth, it is the circumstances that are responsible. Also Parker seriously? Why oh why? Just say what you feel? Why wait? And why confuse us with that ending bro. Now you better up your game to win her🤣🤣🤣

Why you should read this book?
Love triangle
Best friends to lovers
Age gap
I hate everyone but you
Segsy bestfriend and hot boss
Slow Burn
Character Development 10/10


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