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My favourite quotes from Meant to be by Lauren Jackson

“Did you miss me?”

“Yes” he nods more seriously than I was hoping for. “Ofcourse I did. Joseph– Josie”

“How much?”


“How much did you miss me?”

“More than you’d ever know”

“Proove it,” I whisper.

Josie and Nick

“Jess?” I persist. “Will you be taking her out again?”

“No,” he reaches for my hand, tangling our fingers together. ” I don’t think so”

“Why’s that?”

“You know why”

“Say it,” I whisper.

Josie and Nick

“You’ll break my heart, harley.”
“Have you ever thought that you “might break mine?”

Josie and Harley

“You don’t want to date me,” I whisper.

“Don’t I? He questions “Why not?”

“Harley Caldwell doesn’t date.”

“Until now.”

Josie and Harley

“We can’t stay like this, I said. “Not forever”

“No” she murmurs, pressing her forehead to mine. “But you will be”

“I will be what?”

“My forever”

Josie and Harley

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