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Meant To Be by Lauren Jackson

Ratings- ♾️/5

“You’ll break my heart, harley.”
“Have you ever thought that you “might break mine?”
Sometimes we’re not meant to be with the person we love the most. Maybe it’s because of the right person wrong timing or because of some misunderstanding. Unfortunately sometimes we come across a person who is more toxic than good in our life and the only option is to run away from them. Leave them in past. A sad memory that we can’t seem to forget. Until we meet the right person.

Josie Mayor had perfect life. Or so it seemed. So she fled. First in hopes of better future other time, for a new start. She’s torn between her sweet ex boyfriend and the guy she thinks she hates. Yes, think being the keyword.
I CANNOT stress this enough that this is one hell of a book. I loved the bond between Josie and Harley. And how Josie always puts herself above everything. She was strong lead who knew her worth. And Harley? 🤌🏼🤌🏼One fine man he is. Tattoos? Yes baby! Black hairs? Hell yeah. She’s the only one for him? Take my money and marry me please 🌚
Don’t get to me started on the book cover. Purple never looked better to me. This is one of the most beautiful book I have. Both the cover and the storyline is PERFECT!!


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