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The Cursebreaker Series by Brigid Kemmerer

He sighs, “Now you will trap me with my words”

“I’m not trapping you.” I stepped closer. “I’m not chasing you. I’m not tricking you.”

He says nothing.

“I’m inviting you” I say quietly.

Harper, A Curse So Dark And Lonely

Ratings ~ 2.7/5⭐

Rant Alert-
It started good. I liked the beginning of ACSDAL. As I got to know more about emberfall and the MCs it started going downhill. Like wtf why is badass harper crying all the time? Why she ain’t fighting? And wtf? I thought it was supposed to be love triangle 😭😭and then bamm their is Lia *whispers* I despise her. And grey ended up with her. Why oh whyyyyyy? *Sobbs*
I was going through gr review to see if I was that rotten fish of the sea who didn’t enjoy the oh-so-loved cursebreaker series. Thankfully their were people who I could relate with. There’s this one person who said how it should’ve been standalone (ACSDAL) instead of series and damn if couldn’t agree more.
I was invested a 🤌🏼 bit in the story so I started second book. To my disappointed there was literally no harper’s pov. She was the reason I liked the first book so much. Second part was all about Grey and Lia pov. No offense to anyone but they sucked. It was plain torture reading about them I skipped soo many chapters like dude staappp. If you call THAT sparks then puh-lease I’d rather stay single. I didn’t even read third part and according to the reviews that I read I didn’t miss anything. It was even major disappointment. Grey rightful heir? My ass You’ve seen Harper dudes? She could’ve been so much better.

*Takes deep breath*
*trying to control the urge to write a essay*
Okay I am gonna stop now. If you’ve read all that iloveyousomuchmayyourcrushmarryou

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