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My Trip To La La Land by Nandita Da Cunha

Ratings: 4.8⭐

La la land is a story of 9 year old girl named Tavisha, a bibliophile who prefers staying at home reading rather than going out on a adventure trip. It doesn’t matter for what purpose. You said adventure right? Which entails walking? Climbing? Socializing? Yeah thanks but no thanks like her even I would rather stay at home and read. However when her mom drags her out of her room and takes her to this trip, her perspective changes. In the beginning she finds it hard to adjust in her new surroundings but later on after an incident she actually enjoys it a lot.
Complete story is presented as her personal journal to us. There were some really fun and cool doodles throughout the story which made the story even more lovable. I enjoyed it a lot and would recommend it to all age groups 🙂

#lalaland #nanditadacunha


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