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Monsters of Mithi by Hywel Richard Pinto

Monsters of Mithi is a story of some ancient creatures that are residing in the infamous river, Mithi. I have seen enough monster movies to come to a conclusion that whenever these monsters are on rampage, society is divided into three parts. Those who that wants to protect everyone and put an end to the monster. And the other side that wants to benefit itself through the monster. Use it as a weapon to gain power and makw everyone fear them. We know how this section ends up getting swallowed by the very same monster lol and lastly a very minor section which wants to protect that monster. Same happens in the book. But where were they all this time? How have they survived for so long without being detected? Why we only came to know about their existence recently? Read the book and find answers to your questions 😉
My the most favourite scenes to read were when monsters were chasing humans. Author has given so amazing description on this scenes that while it reading it feels like we are the one getting chased by those awfully terrifying creatures. The author has used a proper quotient of mystery that will keep the readers intrigued throughout. Also let me mention a very significant detail about the environment awareness that author tried to convey all its reader. We are so busy in our lives that we have started avoiding the fact that our beautiful green environment is slowly dying because of all the toxic chemicals and wastes from the society. I really loved how author has conveyed that message to us.


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