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Flight Feathers by Shubneet Kaur

Ratings ~ 4.5✨

//I almost stumble looking around, Want to let go off many fond memories never to be found….I sniff the traces of time suffused with memories filling the air, But it makes me stiff and scared. My heart sinks as I sob…. I leave you with giggling echoes//

Like they say, Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. Rightly said. Flight Feathers is full of heartwarming poems divided into 71 chapters. Poem that I wrote in begining of my review is my favourite. Title of the poem is as beautiful as the poem itself ~ “let me say goodbye”

Collection of beautiful poems
novel that will appeal to almost anyone.The title conveys symbolical relevance of the content in the book. All the poems are magical and stupendously written.
I will recommend this book to everyone because duh, it’s poetry. What else reason do you need?


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