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Not Here To Be Liked

// Your whole ‘not here to be liked’ is so gutsy,” she says.”But I could never in million years be as chill as you about the fact that no one likes me //

#QOTD: What does feminism mean to you? Who do you think is a true feminist?

Author ~ Michelle Quach
Publisher ~ Harper Collins
Release Date ~ September 14 2021
Book Length ~ 381 pages
Genre ~ Young Adult
Ratings ~ 5🌟

// Life seems to work out better for girls who care about stuff like that, though.”
“Mostly,” she agrees. “But it’s also so exhausting worrying what everyone thinks all the time //

Before I say anything else I would like to explain what feminism is according to me. It is all about gender equality. Every woman having equal rights and opportunities like that of any other male. It’s about respecting diverse women’s identities, and striving to empower all women to realise their full rights.

Michelle Quach has explained the true meaning of feminism through Eliza Quan, who is not here to be liked by anybody. “‘Because feminism, contrary to popular belief, isn’t about hating on guys like me. It’s about all of us working toward equality, together.’”

Once you’ve read this book, you won’t like Eliza instead you will fall in love with her. Her character development was mind blowing. And Len? *swoon* One cannot help but fall in love with him. Due to forced proximity, they become friends and then lovers *wink*

Why you should read this book?
Clean Romance
Enemies to lovers
Right perspective of feminism
Asian representation
Immigrant stories


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