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The Dragon Flute

How will you save yourself against dragons when your only hope is a flute ?

Book ~ The Dragon Flute
Author ~ Holly Karlsson
Publication date ~ 27 July 2020
Book Length ~ 372 pages
Genre ~ Fantasy
Ratings ~ 5🌟

I was absolutely head over heels in love with the first book and I have to say, I am not disappointed with the second part of the trilogy as well. Some people might call me biased for always giving 5 stars to fantasy novels, but I just can’t help it when author has done such a excellent job. Holly has done a wonderful job in narration and has utilised all her amazing storytelling capacity in crafting a plot that engulfs us into a state of surprise and twists. She has created such a magnificent world that I wish I lived in erith instead of earth for real.

It is one of those books that makes you thankful for existence of fantasy (in pages anyway) After few chapters, you are so hooked that you just want to go on and on. I felt heartbroken with how things are falling apart in Lyric and Kelly’s relationship. She is so compassionate and kind. She deserves all the happiness of the world. I don’t understand why this book is so underrated?? I mean, fantasy lovers, where are you people?? I just can’t wait to read the conclusion of this epic fantasy and see how things turn out in the end.

You can find my review on the first book here ~


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