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  • Lawsuits and Leather by Vivian Mae
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  • My favourite quotes from Meant to be by Lauren Jackson
    “Did you miss me?” “Yes” he nods more seriously than I was hoping for. “Ofcourse I did. Joseph– Josie” “How much?” “What?” “How much did you miss me?” “More than you’d ever know” “Proove it,” I whisper. Josie and Nick “Jess?” I persist. “Will you be taking her out […]
  • The Cursebreaker Series by Brigid Kemmerer
    He sighs, “Now you will trap me with my words” “I’m not trapping you.” I stepped closer. “I’m not chasing you. I’m not tricking you.” He says nothing. “I’m inviting you” I say quietly. Harper, A Curse So Dark And Lonely Ratings ~ 2.7/5⭐ Rant Alert-It started good. I […]

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Hi, I’m Alisha. I became book reviewer recently but I have been reading since 2019. To know more about me please click on about section or connect with me through social media 🙂

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